CL admiring herself (。♥‿♥。)  

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So my friends and I are gonna dance to these songs for our school’s talents show. I made a mix of them all but it sounds a little choppy. Please give me your feedback of it? Thank you! :)

I just drew Bom :3 And yeah I know the eyes are messed up; it’s not my best :\

And for the person who requested Leeteuk, I’ll be sure to draw him tonight or tomorrow :)


Anonymous asked: 2ne1 is defiantly better than the wonder whores and sonyeoshi sluts

wow i honestly dont care

and shame on you, you dont deserve to be part of the blackjack fandom if you’re going to say that kind of stuff

i’m actually ashamed to be part of a fandom who has these kind of people in them

do you have any proof that snsd ans wg are sluts? no, cause they’re not

and no group is better than one another, they’re all unique in their own way

2NE1 “I Love You” Review

So here’s my first review. Before I start by saying that I’m a huge Blackjack and I’ve been a fan of them since pre-debut. And I still am a fan, so don’t get mad at anything I say because I’m not bashing.

In all of the MV and song I am totally unimpressed. To be honest I wasn’t really excited for the song judging from the teasers, and especially from a title like “I Love You”.

First off with the MV, it didn’t seem that unique to me. Yeah you had the members walking or sitting around moping about some guy they’re in love with, but he probably doesn’t notice them or something. They all have sad facial expressions and stare off into space thinking of the guy they’re singing. I can tell you that I’ve seen that a crap load of times in every other sad Kpop song. But I liked how they did motions with their body like they were imagining the guy was there or wanted to feel him (I guess) [Well CL and Minzy anyway].

It seems like we see Bom sitting, staring off into space, with a sad expression way too much, so I was not impressed at all with her.

I did like, however, Dara’s hair. It was sort of like Tiffany’s hair during Taetiseo era. And the town they were walking through didn’t look like a set and was filled with people. I liked how it wasn’t deserted, because I’ve seen too many MVs where the artist just walks around an empty street.

As for the song, like I said, unimpressed. I thought the vocals were fantastic, the instrumental however sounds like everything else. I would have been impressed if they used a more original, and unique instrumental to the song. I think Teddy, or whoever produced the song, is getting too American influenced, because it sounded more like something I would hear mainstream here, rather than Kpop.

I give the MV - 1/10

I gave the song - 5/10

If it weren’t for the good use and direction of vocals in the song I probably would have given it a 0/10. I just hope the rest of the album is better than “I Love You”. I mean it’s a good song to listen to, nothing special I must say, but I wouldn’t want to buy it and have it on my iPod. As a hardcore Blackjack, I’m really disappointed :\

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Dara - ‘To Anyone’ Photocard

Is your favorite group / singer the same group / singer you heard your first Kpop song from?