jinribum asked: also SHINee, 4minute & SNSD~


  1. first song that i heard: I don’t even remember I think it was Replay
  2. favorite song: Lucifer & Love Like Oxygen
  3. most played song: same reason explained from f(x)
  4. favorite music video: Lucifer & Love Like Oxygen
  5. favorite album: Lucifer / A.Mi.Go
  6. bias: Jonghyun :D
  7. person who ruins bias list: No one really :>
  8. least favorite song: WOWOWOW
  9. if i’ve ever seen them live: TWICE >:D
  10. if i own any merch: see here


  1. first song that i heard: Hot Issue
  2. favorite song: atm Volume Up
  3. most played song: same reason as asked for f(x)
  4. favorite music video: First / I My Me Mine
  5. favorite album: HUH
  6. bias: Sohyun :)
  7. person who ruins bias list: -
  8. least favorite song: idk I didnt really like any song from their first full album except Mirror Mirror and Heart to Heart
  9. if i’ve ever seen them live: nope :\
  10. if i own any merch: see here


  1. first song that i heard: Gee
  2. favorite song: Genie / The Boys
  3. most played song: same answer as asked for f(x)
  4. favorite music video: Genie
  5. favorite album: First Japanese album
  6. bias: SOOYOUNG :D
  7. person who ruins bias list: ALL OF THEM ESPECIALLY TIFFANY AND YURI. But my bias list will remain the same forever :P
  8. least favorite song: My J & Lazy Girl
  9. if i’ve ever seen them live: TWICE >:) Sooyoung and Hyoyeon even pointed to me (my biases), and Sunny waved to me bwahahahaha
  10. if i own any merch: see here

Is your favorite group / singer the same group / singer you heard your first Kpop song from?

4Minute 2nd mini album: Hyuna & Wonder Girls 1st single: Hyuna

I guess some things never change

so on friday in engineering class we had to find pictures of horizontal lines, diagonal lines, vertical lines, etc. in real life.

like for example, we used a picture of the horizon for horizontal lines

guess what i used when we got to diagonal lines

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My unboxing of 4Minute’s Volume Up mini album

Welcome the newest collection to me wall, So Hyun~ >OOOOO<

My whole photocard collection~

I’m really confused if I should stay a 4Nia or not… 4Minute is getting way to adult for me tbh. Volume up didn’t amuse me at all. The song was ok, but didn’t have uniqueness. I was not amused with all the sexual content, especially when they were grinding up on So Hyun, she’s still under aged.. that’s gross, and other girls feeling up on Hyuna’s boobs….

I hate to say it, but I hope this video gets banned so CUBE will just stop making everything to God damn sexual. It’s like it’s not even about the music anymore, just the content of the MV. Seriously.. no amused. And it’s sad too… I’ve been  a fan since debut, but now I’m like 2% their fan right now.

And I only liked 3 songs on their full album, and I don’t really care for Volume Up tbh, so are their other songs going to be like this? I’m seriously getting sick of this. It’s bug for me too because I’ve never left a fandom either.. not even JQT or Free Star and they haven’t made anything in like a year or 2..

4Minute is just going down hill imo, and I feel like they’re gaining fans for all the wrong reasons. Well, if I do decide to leave the fandom, So Hyun will always be my favorite.

I can tell that I’ve probably upset some of you, so

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Ga Yoon has always reminded me of Khloe Kardashian. Does she not to anyone else?