can anyone thats good with photoshop make me a fanfic poster for my story?

There’s something I’ve wanted to say ever since I started reading fanfics again. If you write fanfics, proofread them please. Seriously, this is such a huge issue. I usually don’t care if there’s a few mistakes here and there because that’s understandable, but I’ve been seeing lots and lots of fics flooded with spelling errors, grammatical errors, past and present tenses getting mixed up, and the wrong usage of certain words. All of these issues would’ve been fixed if the author just would’ve proofread their fic. I recently looked at all the fics I wrote 2 years ago and saw that they were overflowing with these errors because I didn’t want to proofread them. Don’t think you need to proofread? No, you proofread that thing. You’re fic is 11,000+ words? I don’t care, proofread it. You already proofread it? Do it again. Sometimes it takes multiple times looking over it to see mistakes. Plus, sometimes you see things you could add to sentences after proofreading. Seriously, please do it.

do the directioners shit talking exo because they’re a korean boy band even realize one direction had a korean boy band in their mv

if one direction doesnt have a problem with kpop then why do you

I feel like the only one in the exo fandom that hasn’t read absolute chanyeol or anterograde tomorrow or that new fic 008010039 or whatever its called


you know it’s real when you watch interviews longer than 10 minutes

Am i the only one not really liking these new repackeged exo songs

Anonymous asked: exo ^^

who was my first bias: Jino TT TT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
who is my current bias: Baekhyun

(technically Tao was my first bias in exo not counting Jino but I had already made him my 2nd bias lol)

Sehun by ~ValyaG

Kyungsoo by ~TheNomNomApple

The fuck is wrong with exotics? I’m one too but… this so fucking ridiculous. Can’t you guys just respect them and give them some fucking respect? I’m not talking to the whole fandom of course, just the part that’s batshit crazy. I was right next to Key and Danny from LA / 1TYM before and I was able to be calm and cool. Do you really think they wanna be screamed in the face with your phones and cameras shoved up to them? That’s just being a bitch, not a fan.