Honestly who cares that kai kissed a girl??? He’s only human… who are you, especially as his fan, to get upset over it? Luhan too. Honestly I’m disturbed at the immaturity here.

30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 21 A pairing you like and no one else understands why. 

Well.. I ship Kai with himself :>

Anonymous asked: taemin/kai?

Aren’t they the same person? lolol no jk 

but really

this one was really hard tho

EXO-K singing time in MAMA

Baekhyun: 29sec
D.O: 29sec
Suho: 20sec
Kai: 16sec
Chanyeol: 7sec
Sehun: 4sec
Total individual member singing time: 1:29

I still find it incredibly weird how I got both Kai and Lay’s photocards, who are the main dancers in EXO-K and EXO-M, and I want to be a professional dancer when I get older (b/c I love dance, it’s my passion). 


EXO-K Kai - “MAMA” Photocard Type A

srsly.. does no one else ship kai with himself? am i alone?

Am I the only one who ships Kai with himself?

Kai: I have to wear a shirt again lol
Taeyang: what's a shirt
2PM: I have no idea, I think it's like pants for your chest
B2ST: what are you even talking about
Siwon: lol