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Favorite back up dancers

1. This guy with the orange hair from Nine Muses’s ‘News’ promotions.

I watched every perf with him in it even the 2 dance practices OwO 

Look at the sexyyyy jkafnsldks


I watched this perf A LOT

Link to perf HERE (my fav)

2. This girl that dances with Taeyang in his Only Look At Me MV. I don’t know why but she’s always caught my attention and I’ve always wanted to know who she was. Maybe she’ll be in the new YG group :D

Link to MV HERE

3. One of the girls that catches Jia during a performance of Breathe

But I really thought it was cute how this girl made that face :> especially since bg dancers never make faces

Link to perf HERE

I think there was one more bg dancer I liked, and it was a girl. But I can’t remember from what MV I saw her >: I just remember that she was really pretty.

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My unboxing of Miss A Touch 4th Project

My Miss A - Touch unboxing

So today at Koreatown I was raiding the music store LOL 

CDs I got

  • Big Bang - Alive Tae Yang ver.
  • f(x) NU - ABO
  • f(x) - Hot Summer
  • Infinite - Paradise
  • Infinite - Evolution
  • T-ara - Funky Town
  • After School - Virgin
  • SHINee - Sherlock Jonghyun ver.
  • Miss A - Touch
  • Nine Muses - 1st mini album
  • SNSD - JPN Gee single


  • f(x) group card
  • Minho
  • Hoya
  • Junga
  • Tae Yang

I also got a free Big Bang Alive poster and a Big Bang fan <3

And I got a SNSD unofficial photobook with stickers, plus the official Gee sticker in their single

Total: about $220

The cashier even recognized me even though I haven’t been there in like a year. She says that I come in their every few months and buys a huge lot of things LOL I guess she really does remember me xD

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