did anyone else start laughing when this guy just rolled away?

The thing that bothers me most about this whole Mr. Mr. diss SNSD thing is the fans of Mr. Mr. are saying ‘calm down sones this song sounds better than snsd’s song anyways i’ll always support mr. mr.’ like what the fuck? Let’s be honest, the only reason you’re saying that is because you most likely don’t like snsd and you’re too inlove with Mr. Mr to admit that what they did was immature and just plain rude. You’re basically saying ‘calm down, yeah they made a song about dissing another artist simply bc of their song title, but calm down the song sounds better than snsd’s so everything’s okay’. Do you realize how dumb you’re being? You know damn well if someone made a song completely dissing Mr. Mr. you would be on that shit ranting. I don’t care if you hate SNSD and like Mr. Mr. What they did was wrong and you know it. Stop trying to make excuses to justify what they did.

"Isn’t it a violation of ethics in the music industry to openly use an existing group’s name for content in a song?  We deliberately put in that topic and the lyric’s ‘disses.’"

b u l l s h i t

If the group Mr. Mr. is seriously that upset that SNSD’s title track was the same name as their group enough to make a diss track, then they seriously need to take a fucking seat. Seriously, what the hell?? Is there something wrong with them or something? I have never paid any mind to Mr. Mr., but this certainly just digusts me. I think Mr. Mr. just needed an excuse to openly diss SNSD. This group is clearly immature and is no longer an option to ever keep on my radar. And last time I checked, it wasn’t a violation for any artist to name their song, be coincedence or not, after an artist.

someone make an edit with these oxygen mask concepts please

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