someone pls make an edit or au idk what to call it of sooyoung in white genie outfit suit concept and jonghyun is white everybody outfit suit concept i will love you forever if you do

unbelievable beauty 
30 day kpop challenge - day 11: your favorite kpop music video
30 day kpop challenge - day 8: a kpop song that you know all the words to
now and forever is girls' generation
sooyoung for double m 
sooyoung for double m

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Let me tell you something about my all-time favorite song, Genie and why it’s so awesome.

There’s the original demo version with the chorus saying “I just wanna wish”, faster singing of the chorus, Jessica’s adlib, different background vocals compared to the released ver., and Sooyoung and Yoona’s singing of the chorus are switched

The original pre-release with Jessica’s adlib

The original CD version with the girls laughing and talking in the beginning and end

The original Korean MV version without the girls laughing and talking at the beginning and end of the song

The Korean 3D MV version

The Live Rock Tronic Remix in their first Asia tour with dance break down

The Japanese version with an extra lyric at the end instead of the girls laughing

The Japanese version without main vocal

The remix they performed in New York for SMTOWN

Nathalie Makoma’s official release of her English version (which came out before SNSD’s version)

Dineyra’s official Russian release (which she took without obtaining permission) 

*Bonus (clear) acapella excerpts from Genie