Through the rain there’s a brighter day, don’t worry, be happy!

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive or be happy, which is why we all need something to lift our spirits. This is a compiled list of songs that are meant to make you happy, uplift your spirits, and help you stay positive! Track listing is found below. English translated lyrics are included in the videos as well.

"Be Happy" - Girls’ Generation // "Happiness" - Red Velvet // "HaHaHa Song" - Girls’ Generation // "Modern Times" - IU // "Vitamin" - Girls’ Generation // "Bling Bling" - Dal Shabet // "Way To Go" - Girls’ Generation // "Can U Smile" - Infinite // "Flyers" - Girls’ Generation // "Beautiful Girl" - Teen Top // "Girls Girls" - Wonder Girls // "Magical Girl" - Orange Caramel // "No No No" - A-Pink // "Hoi Hoi" - Rainbow Pixie // "We’re With You" - KARA

The playlist can be found here.

140325 concert in LA

Just wanted to point out some of these things cuz I thought they were really worth sharing.

L.Joe was so done with everyone’s English (he kept laughing at everyone lol)

L.Joe: We’re more handsome than those boys (referring to a few members)
C.A.P: Yeah! We very very boy.
C.A.P: I mean handsome.

They performed new (not released yet) songs: I Love You and Annyeong. Ricky and Chunji were mostly singing and Ricky had long notes like Chunji and sounded so good! The songs were really beautiful ;;

A l l of them were really funny when they did intros and stopped after some songs to talk to the audience.

They were selling signed CDs and I got one!


for the teen top concert tomorrow, i still have to go to will call there to get the tickets right?

My biggest pet peeve when going to a concert is when people record the entire thing and all i can see is their fuckin arm in the air with their big ass phone. Dont even get me s t a r t e d with fucking ipads. Why cant you just enjoy the concert? You arent going to get the experience if you try to film all of it. Its not like other people arent recording it. I swear to god if i see any of you fucks recording the LA teen top concert in front of me the entire time or even half the time i will mess you up.

where is the place to buy teen top concert tickets for LA

my dash is always mostly exo or bap and i dont see enough of some of my other fandoms so reblog this if you’re a general blog biased to one or more of the following:

- wonder girls
- snsd (extra points if sooyoung biased)
- miss a
- 2ne1 esp CL
- f(x)
- t-ara
- 4minute
- rainbow
- boa
- teen top
- big bang

I’ll follow you

namjasdick asked: Teen Top ^-^
  • favorite album: Roman
  • least favorite song: -
  • favorite member: NIEL o3o
  • merch i own: Roman, It’s, Changjo photocard, aRTIST
  • seen them live: no >:
  • band rate: 10/10
30 Day Shipping Challenge - Day 19 A pairing you’ve rooted for since the beginning. 

I’m assuming that ‘since the beginning’ means since debut. In that case it was have to be BaekTao and N.A.P

모두 본방사수 하고 있죠?ㅋ 멋있는 무대 보여드릴테니 기대하세요ㅋ