happy birthday to my lovely ultimate bias, kim yoobin
30 day kpop challenge - day 6: your favorite kpop song from your favorite girl group
30 day kpop challenge - day 4: your ultimate kpop girl bias
30 day kpop challenge - day 2: your favorite kpop girl group
september 13th marks the anniversary of the tell me mv release and the day i became a kpop fan
from the beginning
24시간이 모자라
너와 함께 있으면

1st single comes out on the 24th!

my dash is always mostly exo or bap and i dont see enough of some of my other fandoms so reblog this if you’re a general blog biased to one or more of the following:

- wonder girls
- snsd (extra points if sooyoung biased)
- miss a
- 2ne1 esp CL
- f(x)
- t-ara
- 4minute
- rainbow
- boa
- teen top
- big bang

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