Through the rain there’s a brighter day, don’t worry, be happy!

Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive or be happy, which is why we all need something to lift our spirits. This is a compiled list of songs that are meant to make you happy, uplift your spirits, and help you stay positive! Track listing is found below. English translated lyrics are included in the videos as well.

"Be Happy" - Girls’ Generation // "Happiness" - Red Velvet // "HaHaHa Song" - Girls’ Generation // "Modern Times" - IU // "Vitamin" - Girls’ Generation // "Bling Bling" - Dal Shabet // "Way To Go" - Girls’ Generation // "Can U Smile" - Infinite // "Flyers" - Girls’ Generation // "Beautiful Girl" - Teen Top // "Girls Girls" - Wonder Girls // "Magical Girl" - Orange Caramel // "No No No" - A-Pink // "Hoi Hoi" - Rainbow Pixie // "We’re With You" - KARA

The playlist can be found here.

kpop halloween playlist for the upcoming holiday! this features songs that have the scary, creepy, and lingering feelings of halloween based on the lyrics, overall melody, and music video (if there is one). the playlist can be found here with two other additional songs not in the picture above because i didn’t have them on my itunes.

happy birthday to my lovely ultimate bias, kim yoobin
30 day kpop challenge - day 6: your favorite kpop song from your favorite girl group
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30 day kpop challenge - day 2: your favorite kpop girl group
september 13th marks the anniversary of the tell me mv release and the day i became a kpop fan
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