Anonymous asked: so i know whats all happening with jessica right now, but whats up with the shindong jokes? what he do now?

Just that nobody likes him and that if anyone should leave SM it should be him lol

Anonymous asked: snsd, 2ne1, f(x)

snsd - sooyoung, hyoyeon

2ne1 - cl

f(x) - sulli

Anonymous asked: Hyorin, Zico, Siwon, Jay Park, Nana, and Nam Taehyun.


Anonymous asked: Sooyoung, Jonghyun, Baekhyun, Rap Mon, and Daehyun. BAM!

You…. you just guessed all of them correctly 


Anonymous asked: Just wanted to tell you that there are always people thinking about you! I love you!

Aww thank you sweetie, I love you too <3


Anonymous asked: i h8 u


Anonymous asked: don't bother with her, she is just one of those horny fangirls who see no boundaries.

Thank you. Let’s just pray for her. She needs Jesus right now.


Anonymous asked: um... for example aren't you friends with some rainbow fan who is a saesang?


Anonymous asked: shut the fuck up you are friends with saesang fans yourself. don't act like you are any better.

Since when the fuck have I ever been friends with a sasaeng? Are you the butthurt that I was discussing that zelo thing with? I’m sorry you couldn’t take the heat.

Anonymous asked: "if it really fucking mattered, HE WOULD HAVE WORN A FUCKING SHIRT. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST." um why would he think to wear one when it was meant to be his privacy? Not like he knew he would have pictures taken of him. If he did he probably would of worn one. Doesn't mean he is alright with it just because it happened.

Exactly! Let’s just pray some of these fans get it some day.