Anonymous asked: Youre my favorite blog

thank you dear <3 c:

Anonymous asked: what do you think of all the hate chad future is receiving by kpop fans?

Ehh, I can understand their dislike for him, I don’t like him either, but I don’t hate him. As long as they’re not sending him hate or anything like that, he can just keep doing his thing. As for the people that /are/ sending him hate, grow up. Hating on someone and sending malicious comments to them is such a waste of time.

Anonymous asked: Gurl I miss byutaeism LOL

omfg you remember that url? i thought that was the next best url next to maknaeism but then i didnt like it anymore lol

Anonymous asked: i have a crush on u

A??a are u sure ???!??1


Anonymous asked: u hot girl

wait what is this real 


Anonymous asked: whose hanwen?

She’s a Chinese JYP trainee. I’ve been following her for about a year and I really want her to debut. Since she’s close with miss A you can see her in some of their photos, and she has a weibo. She’s my favorite trainee so I’m really hoping she debuts in 6Mix.


omg I’m sorry if I worried you ;; Please don’t worry though, I’m no where near a place where I’d disappear. I love you and I really appreciate you caring <3

Anonymous asked: We're not the only fucking fandom that likes to think members are gay for each other, jesus. Literally find me a fandom that doesn't do that. But Tae is obviously gay

Look, I know that. Of course every fandom does that. But this fandom has blown up this thing so much that it’s fucking ridiculous. Starting shipping wars on confession blogs and shit. And this isn’t the first time Taengsic and TaeNy shippers have done this. I remember at the Soshified LA fanmeet a few years ago some Taengsic and TaeNy shippers were fighting which ship was better and which one was real. Seriously, what the fuck. That would be so fucking embarrassing if the girls saw that. And TaeNy shippers have a pretty bad reputation for being the worst shippers basically in all of Kpop, always starting shit with other ships because delusional shippers think they’re lesbian for each other and don’t want the other ships to be real or some ship. 

I really don’t care if Taeyeon is actually gay but saying she is just because you want your ship to be real is just stupid. Also, constantly saying she’s gay could lead to something like the media to actually believing it or make up rumors. Do you know what that would do to her? That would completely ruin her. Korea is not as accepting to gays as you or any other shipper is. They’re just now starting to open up and it’s mostly the younger generation accepting it. Take this popular comedian (I forgot his name), but he spoke of how when he came out publicly that he was gay a lot of TV shows, programs, events, etc. completely shunned him. He talked about how isolated he felt all the time before surrounding himself with the right people. Even now he’s still discriminated because he’s gay. So don’t come out for Taeyeon. If she wants to come out, let her do that. Also, if she is in fact straight, it’s rude to keep calling her gay just because she likes skinship. 

And I mean, it’s really fucking creepy too. Dictating who Taeyeon should be with. I’m really glad I’m not an idol so I don’t have to deal with this shit. I know I’m going in deeper than what you said, but let me explain to you why I’m so upset. I don’t mind if people ship them as friends or make fanfics about the ship, but if you actually think members are gay for each other because they interact cutely, then take a few fucking steps back. Chances are, it’s just fanservice. I mean sure, maybe a few idols must have feelings for their members, but it’s not likely. So don’t make assumptions and put in what you think they feel for each other. And yeah, this happens in every fandom, and yeah, I do find it disturbing because a lot of them exotics take it way too far. But honestly I’ve just had it with TaeNy shippers. I’ve honestly never even seen another fandom start wars about ships because x is obviously gay for y and not z. 

So please calm the fuck down and think about it. And before anyone comes to me and says “you just hate taeny” “not all taeny shippers are like that blah blah” let me tell you I used to ship TaeNy (as friends) before the shippers just ruined it. So it’s not like I’m being one-sided on this. And yeah I know not all shippers are like this but most of them are. So please be mindful and look into reality. Also, everything I’ve said also applies to Jessica, Tiffany, and pretty much every other ship out there.

Anonymous asked: 6~

6) Screenshot your followers


Anonymous asked: not everyone, she seems reallly obnoxious to me

meh, i dont even know what they act like, but yeah maybe, you never know