Anonymous asked: uh the fact that you dont know their names? i personally call them the helmet girls

lmao i dont bother learning their names considering the fact that i dont like them and never will, the only reason why i know ellin’s name is bc everyone loves her

Anonymous asked: dont feel bad, i think no one does??

wait feel bad about what exactly? crayon pop pushing sunny or that fact that crayon pop prob has a lot of haters now?

Anonymous asked: that's actually Way but yeah she's a bitch

oh shit sorry, yeah i really dont know any of their names except ellin lol

Anonymous asked: what anime is /post/72645277255 ?

That anime is called Black Butler!

Anonymous asked: *buing buing* just an anon dropping by to tell you you're the cutest~

Oh my, thank you sweet anon owo I appreciate that~

Anonymous asked: you don't like crayon pop?


Anonymous asked: kara was in that girl group gifset you reblogged! :3 close to bottom right corner

omf i didnt even recognize them i though they were exid lol sorry about that

Anonymous asked: EXO Baekhyun or BAP Daehyun

omf this is so hard um… daehyun since baekhyun looks 5 yrs old sometimes

Anonymous asked: My dog follows so I do too.


Anonymous asked: I found your blog through my sistar’s blog. I’m a big fan♥