Anonymous asked: /post/90238934238/post-90238643608-no-matter-how-chill-the-fandom-is-sasa She was a famous fansite noona. Just imagine how many more sasaengs they have that are not documented? The one was talked about because she owned a Jin fansite and was quite known but some other sasaengs are not as infamous so people don't talk about them.

:\ it’s so sad that they have to put up with this. I definitely think these admins talk to each other and sasaeng with each other and they know or did something for them to want to close their sites.

Anonymous asked: post/90238473563/post-90238172698-post-90237792043-some-are-saying-that-b the number on their daum fancafe decreased though

Considering 50+ sites shut down admins might have a lot of power so they might have purduaded a large amount of fans to leave their cafe.

Anonymous asked: /post/90238643608/no-matter-how-chill-the-fandom-is-sasaengs-are-someone Actually there's been a "shifting" (from one group to another) sasaeng following BTS for a while now; she went to their fansign and touched RapMon without a permission and hit Jungkook on the head with a paper (she was not supposed to touch in the first place) and been sitting in front of their dorm and other places they went to. Some K-fans seen here trailing BTS.

Ugh wtf I feel sorry for the boys. How much you wanna bet she an admin?

Anonymous asked: No matter how chill the fandom is, sasaengs are someone else so we can never be sure.

Yes. I just havent heard of a sasaeng incident with bts yet but sasaengs are sasaengs no matter what.

Anonymous asked: post/90238172698/post-90237792043-some-are-saying-that-bighit-got-stricte if they're losing fans over this, i doubt bighit doesn't care

No I dont think that they’re losing fans, it’s that they’re just shutting down fansites in protest of the rule. But I really don’t think the fansites are shutting down because of that.

Anonymous asked: If they have something on the boys (IF), I'd rather they leave the fandom instead of releasing the reason for people to see.

Yes. I hope if its something serious then the fans wont say, and instead just leave quietly. The bts fandom is generally chill so I wouldnt worry too much but you never know with these sasaengs.

Anonymous asked: post/90237792043/some-are-saying-that-bighit-got-stricter-on-photos if this is true i don't think they're closing sites because they listened but because they're protesting against it and showing how much is lost when rules like that appear

I dont think they’d shut down sites for that reason. I think bighit would be happy that the photographers for the sites aren’t stalking them anymore. And I dont think bighit would care either.

Anonymous asked: If regular K-netz don't know anything, it seems like it must be on a sasaeng-ish level or something.

Yes I agree. Definitely sasaeng or fan on the inside.

Anonymous asked: post/90237364573/site-admins-or-fanface-admins so boycott/protest? but there's always a reason as to why

Yes, definitely, and thats the problem. The only people who seem to have a reason are the admins. They’re not telling us something. They are sasaengs after all, so its likely they know more than any regular kfan.

Anonymous asked: so the mystery remains - what was the reason is what we don't know

I really think we need go find a friend of one of the admins to tell us what they know because I dont think the admins are going to spill anything.